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The SYML Systems Inc “Simplified Processing Systems” (SPS) is the result of 7 years of Research and Development and is a first of its kind in Canada! It provides an immediate and significant advantage over all other financing options in the market today. 

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The SYML Systems Inc “Simplified Processing Systems” (SPS) is the result of 7 years of Research and Development and is a first of its kind in Canada! It provides an immediate and significant advantage over all other financing options in the market today.  SPS...

  • Can cut financing processing times by up to 70%.

  • Automates the collection of documents required thus cutting the work done by the client and Ownest Financial by up to 80%.

  • Offers far more choices than any other financial services software tool in the industry.

  • Costs no money for Advocacy Partners to use and can generate long-term recurring revenue.

  • Can cut closing costs for financing by up to 80% for large financial institutions.

The SPS Platform 

  • Free to Use made in Canada Mortgage Financing Profit Centre Software Platform for Realtors, Lawyers, Builders, Financial Planners and Accountants.​

  • Smart Mortgage Referral Form delivers a mortgage application invitation to your client in real time the second you submit the referral.

  • Automated Real Time Communication. Once your client's application is submitted SPS keeps you and your client up to date in real time as to where the client is in the process.


  • Automated Documentation Collection and Validation. Once the application is submitted the software instantly requests from your client the documentation required to complete the mortgage and the moment the documents are received it validates all the required information and financial requirements.

  • The SPS patented Underwriting Engine underwrites your client across 22,000 +/- product variations for compatibility. This is a notable difference from the traditional mortgage professional who seeks a singular mortgage approval from Lender which pays them the most money. 

  • SPS’s industry Exclusive Mortgage Proposals System generates a mortgage proposal showing your client ALL the best mortgages in the various categories they qualify for. This affords your client with the opportunity to compare and make the right decision on which product works best for them and their family.

  • The SPS Closing Service keeps track of your client throughout the active mortgage journey right through to renewal, and if the market and rates change and it no longer makes sense for your client to be in the original mortgage our system will advise the client.

  • Secured and Confidential – All processes happen in a secured User Name and Password protected online portal which helps your client avoid having to disclose all of their confidential and private personal financial information to a local Banker of Mortgage Broker.

  • The SPS High Touch Module does all the heavy lifting for the Mortgage Broker hence they have more time to communicate directly with your client and therefore the client is dynamically kept current through the entire underwriting process.

Advocacy Partner Program (APP)

The APP is made available at no cost throughout Ontario, Alberta and B.C. to:

•    Lawyers
•    Accountants (CA, CGA, CMA)
•    Real Estate Brokers and Realtors
•    Real Estate Developers and Builders
•    Financial Advisors & Planners - Stock Brokers - Insurance Brokers 

Advocacy Partners are Financially Rewarded for their Client Referrals submitted via the Streamline Process Solutions Platform.  This is a Profit Centre opportunity that generates unencumbered straight line profits for Advocacy Partners.  Realtors, Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Planners can deploy this platform to new and past clients.  Financial Reward details will be provided to Advocacy Partners under separate cover. 

More importantly, by registering your client referral via the SPS platform, as an Advocacy Partner you are provided with an on-line referrals processing real time tracking log and which keeps you abreast of all Ownest Financial Inc. communications with you referred client short of personal financial data. This feature affords the Advocacy Partner the ability to assist their client in making their way through the mortgage application process which at times can be overbearing for clients and this holds particularly true with first time home buyers or other inexperienced borrowers. 


  • At no time will the Advocacy Partner be party to their referred client’s personal or financial data.

  • Advocacy Partners are solely responsible for their respective Compliant Disclosure for the financial rewards that they receive as the result of a client/borrower’s ability to secure financing via SPS/Ownest Financial Inc.

  • TECH 4-U LLC is not a mortgage broker nor agent.  We represent neither the buyer nor the seller.  We do not trade in real estate or mortgages in any way, shape or form.

  • *With the exception of Quebec.

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